Learning the
Cyrillic Alphabet

Learning the Cyrillic alphabet for those of us used to Latin

Greetings learners!

This website is designed to help teach the Cyrillic alphabet to those of us that use Latin. Cyrillic is used in most Slavic countries and when visiting these countries, you will be hard pushed to find anything spelt in Latin on the streets.

Why do I need to learn Cyrillic?

If you are visiting one of these countries, then it is vital that a basic knowledge of the alphabet is grasped in order for you to find your way around. I was very lucky to have a native Slavic speaker (my girlfriend) with me on my holiday however that did not stop me from asking myself, what if I was here on my own? So I've used my findings to develop this site in order to help adults who are going to a Slavic country either on holiday, or for business to find their way around.

The Slavic country that I visited during the summer was Bulgaria, therefore this site references to the Bulgarian adaptation of the Cyrillic alphabet.

Please use the site menu at the top of the page, to navigate and find the resources that will help you gain knowledge of the Cyrillic alphabet. I hope that you will have fun learning Cyrillic and if you wish to get in touch, then please go to the Contact page or contact me via my Learning Cyrillic blog by clicking here.
I recommend that you start with the visual concepts that can be found in the Characters page.

Късмет и се забавлявайте! (Good luck and have fun!)

Tony Skinner
Tony Skinner - Creator of the Learning the Cyrillic Alphabet website.